What prenatal care do I need during week 24 of pregnancy?


Around 24 weeks the fetus has a growth spurt. For the woman this means stretch marks and soreness as the uterus continues to expand. Using a moisturizer helps to decrease the itching sometimes associated with the stretching of the abdominal skin. Simple activities like tying shoes and bending over suddenly become more difficult due to the growing baby bump. Some women participate in prenatal exercise programs to enhance their feeling of well-being. During the 24th week a glucose screening test may be performed to assess for the presence of gestational diabetes.

Between week 24 and 28 many women get the glucose screening test or the glucose challenge test (GCT). Designed to identify gestational diabetes, a GCT looks for high blood sugar levels that indicate the development of this condition. Gestational diabetes can cause your child to grow more than normal, making a vaginal delivery impossible and causing blood sugar problems for your child. If you do have a positive result for gestational diabetes, your doctor may administer one more test, called a glucose tolerance test (GTT), to confirm the results.

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