How will I feel during week 20 of my pregnancy?


Twenty weeks is the mid-point of the pregnancy. The uterus is growing into the abdomen, the fetus is active and the woman can feel the fetal movement. The growing fetus also brings some discomforts. Some women experience indigestion and heartburn as the enlarged uterus puts pressure of the digestive system. There also may be leg cramps or swelling of the lower legs or feet, especially after standing for prolonged periods of time. Many women find that these discomforts are worse at night making it difficult to find a comfortable position for sleep.

During week 20, you may start to feel the stress of your baby on your body. Your bladder, kidneys, stomach, and lungs may feel increasingly pressed-upon as your baby continues to grow. You may be experiencing leg cramps or heartburn. You may also have started to snore while sleeping, even if you never had before. Sleeping on your left side may help you to stop snoring if the noise is disturbing your partner. Sleep apnea in pregnancy may be a sign of hypertension, however, and habitual snoring in pregnancy is linked with smaller babies and increased need of C-section, so let your doctor know if you start snoring.

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