What prenatal care do I need during week 19 of pregnancy?


At 19 weeks, the pregnancy is well into the second trimester. Morning sickness is in the past, but heartburn, indigestion and flatulence are beginning to occur. The abdomen is beginning to protrude and the mother can feel the fetus moving inside her. A major focus at this time is nutritious eating habit and maternal weight gain. Especially if heartburn or indigestion is a problem, small frequent meals may be recommended. Staying well hydrated is also important.

Around week 19 your doctor will use an ultrasound to measure your baby's growth and assess fetal anatomy. You and your doctor will be able to see your baby's movements! The ultrasound is also used to help confirm your expected delivery date. If you go to the doctor at this time for an ultrasound exam you may also have routine blood and urine tests, too. If you have questions about prenatal care at this point, now is a great time to ask your doctor.

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