How do I improve my muscle endurance for rowing?

To build muscle endurance for rowing, use a strength exercise in a stable position supersetted (no rest) with endurance exercise in an unstable position. Use the following acute variables: 2-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions using supersets of a strength exercise done with a medium tempo follow by a stabilization exercise done with a slow tempo. Rest for 30 seconds after completing the superset. A sample workout for this type of training can include leg presses supersetted with single-leg squats and low cable rows supersetted with single-arm, single-leg dumbbell rows. To perform single-leg squats, start by standing on one foot and keeping the other foot lifted and floating next to the foot on the ground. Activate the core by drawing-in the stomach to the spine and perform a squat. Keep the back flat, the foot straight, and the knee traveling over the tip of the shoe. To perform single-arm, single-leg dumbbell rows, stand on one leg with the other foot lifted and floating. Bend over until the back is parallel to the ground and hold a dumbbell on the same side as the leg that is lifted. Activate the core and pull the dumbbell into the lower chest area. Use the floating foot to reestablish balance if necessary. By using this type of training you will develop the muscle endurance needed for rowing.

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