How do I improve my flexibility for kayaking?

To improve flexibility for kayaking, begin your flexibility routine by foam rolling for 30 seconds the lats and middle back area. Foam rolling is a form of self-massage in which you apply pressure with a foam roller to tight areas of muscle. This breaks up adhesions, or "knots", in the muscle and relaxes the muscle to allow for greater range of motion. Once you have completed the foam rolling, perform static stretches, holding the stretch for 30 seconds and doing 1-3 sets per area. Good static stretch choices include the back of the shoulder (rear deltoid) stretch, ball lat stretch, and ball chest stretch. To stretch the back of the shoulder, bring one arm across the body at shoulder-height and use the other hand to pull the elbow creating a stretch in the back of the shoulder. To stretch the lats, start on the floor on the hands and knees. Using a stability ball, place one arm extended with the thumb up on the ball and slowly lower your torso until you feel the stretch develop in the back. To perform the chest stretch, use the same starting position as the ball lat stretch except place the ball to the side. Place the arm on the ball with the palm facing down and lower your torso until you feel the stretch in the chest and shoulder. Additional dynamic stretches that would be beneficial are the medicine ball lift and chop and push-ups with rotation. Complete 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions of these dynamic stretches.

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