What happens when I don’t drink enough water?

Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD
Integrative Medicine
The cells of your body are 75% water. If you're only drinking a glass or two of water a day, you stay dehydrated. That makes your cells malfunction because they are starved of the critical energy boost that water provides. The brain, which is 85% water, cannot store extra water for days when you drink lots of soda and juice. So the brain demands that water be taken from tissues and cells to help provide it with energy. You start feeling weak and tired, not because you need more food, but because you need more water!
We are made up of 55-75% water -- that’s a lot of water! We need all of it for chemical reactions in physiological processes to burn fat and calories. It’s also used to transfer by-products of waste (from fat breakdown) away and out of our bodies. In some cases, when you’re dehydrated and there isn't enough water to dilute the body's waste products, kidney stones may form. The liver then has to step in to help the kidney. This taxes the liver causing it to perform poorly for its other functions.

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Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Can you honestly say that you take the time each day to hydrate properly? So often hectic schedules prevent us from not only making sure we are drinking enough water, but also from noticing the signs of dehydration. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to severe and dangerous scenarios.

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