Should I drink filtered water?

Margaret Floyd
Nutrition & Dietetics
When it comes to water filters, there are so many different options and varieties. There's everything from your basic Brita filter to the complex multi-thousand-dollar filtration systems that balance the pH and exact mineral content.

My advice is that decent water is better than no water, and filtering your own is ultimately more affordable than buying bottled (let alone the environmental cost of all that plastic). I use a basic home system that filters all the bad stuff out and then rests the water on mineral stones to put the good stuff -- the minerals your body needs to use the water -- back in. It was affordable and has lasted for years.

The only water I will advise you to use with caution is reverse-osmosis and distilled water. Both of these are extremely pure, and while absent of all possible contaminants, they're also devoid of the minerals needed for your body to actually use the water. If you drink reverse-osmosis or distilled water, be sure to add minerals back in so that you don't unintentionally leach them from your body's stores.
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