Does ionized water restore body acid and alkaline balance?

No. Ionized water and the devices that supposedly make it are scams that are widely perpetuated on the internet. There is a small degree of pseudoscience that initiates the discussion, then it degrades into completely unsubstantiated and, in most instances, scientifically impossible nonsense. Acid-base balance is tightly controlled in various portions of the body, whether digestion, absorption or blood pH. Water exists as H20 and H+ and -OH ions. It is in a constant state of flux between the bound and ionized form, whereas in pure water, the pH settles at neutral or 7. Dissolved minerals such as Na+, Mg+ or Cl- can ionize the water, but disassociated water ions will have a tendency to bind with them, buffering significant changes in pH. The numerous health claims made by sites selling water ionization devices lack scientific credibility and are, frankly, illegal. The science behind water and acid-base theory conflict with the information these sites dispense. For a much more thorough breakdown of the science, or lack thereof, behind this topic, go here:

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Plenty of water in your diet helps digestion, skin, and muscle tone. It can help prevent cramping during exercise and even relive stress. Many times we are low on water - dehydrated, and don't realize it. Being dehydrated can mani...

fest with symptoms like fatigue and depression. In fact, by the time we are feeling thirsty, we're already slightly dehydrated. That's one reason that we hear the recommendation to drink eight standard glasses of water daily. Adequate water helps you digest food an helps your body get rid of wastes. Your kidneys need to process water for you to eliminate waste by urination, and getting enough water ensures that these wastes are diluted. Not getting enough water can encourage the formation of painful kidney stones.

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