Is water important to muscle health?

Yes, just like a healthy diet, water is very important to muscle health. Muscle is composed mostly of water (around 80%), and even a slight decrease in the amount of water in your muscles will lead to decreased muscle performance and exercise recovery. Research has shown that muscle dehydration will lead to a faster rate of muscle breakdown. It has also shown that most biochemical reactions required for cell health (including protein synthesis) take place more frequently in muscle cells that are well hydrated. Water has an indirect impact on muscle health, as well, by improving digestion and therefore increasing the availability of nutrients and proteins needed to build healthy muscle. Along with this, it is very important to remain hydrated during any form of exercise or muscle training.

Hydration is important to muscle health, especially while exercising. A person who is exercising needs plenty of water before and after the activity and should drink during prolonged workouts. Too little water can lead to muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, or dehydration. Too much water, however, is dangerous because the salt level in the body can decrease, causing nausea and even seizures.

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