Is water the best choice for active kids?

As with all activity, if one is likely to be heavily sweating for greater than an hour, then some "salt" needs to be added either in the form of a sports drink or a salty snack with the water. But the average American child gets enough salt from food that water alone is sufficient.
Deb Kennedy, PhD
Nutrition & Dietetics

Water is the best choice, by far, for active kids who need healthy hydration. In this video, pediatric nutritionist Deb Kennedy, PhD explains why it's important for children to drink lots of water and how water compares to other beverages.

Water is always a great choice. If children are practicing or playing for more than an hour, you might also consider giving them a sports drink. Sports drinks have added nutrients (like carbohydrates and electrolytes) that kids may need if they are training or competing hard for an extended period of time. But kids do not need to drink sports drinks all day long. This can contribute to tooth decay and additional unnecessary calories for some children. These should be reserved for hard training and competition only, and kids should be encouraged to drink water at all other times.

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