How do I stay hydrated during the summer?

Staying hydrated can be a challenge, especially during hot summer days.

Here are five easy ways to increase your fluid intake:
  • Carry a reusable water bottle. After you've emptied it, you'll be more likely to fill it back up if it's easily accessible.
  • Eat fruit or popsicles. You don't have to just drink your water -- you get fluids from what you eat as well. Fruits, like watermelon and cantaloupe, have high water content, as well as frozen treats like 100% fruit juice pops.
  • Give your water a twist. Adding flavor to your water can make it easier to drink more. Drop in slices of lemon, lime, cucumber or strawberries. Herbal ice teas are a great way to spice up water, too.
  • Sip throughout the day. Little things add up and fluid intake is no exception. Rather than downing a full beverage in one sitting, take drinks regularly throughout the day.
  • Plan ahead. If you are headed for a workout outside or an outing at the pool, make sure to pack plenty of fluids for the trip. When in the heat, you lose fluids more quickly.
Headaches, dizziness and drowsiness are all signs of dehydration. Keeping up your fluid intake will keep you feeling healthy and alert.
Dehydration is an issue anytime of the year but worsens with the onset of warm weather, when people increase their outdoor activity and start sweating more. In order to keep up with your body's demand for fluid, it's a good idea to carry a water bottle with you. Bring a bottle that you can refill throughout the day as needed. This will keep you well hydrated throughout the day.

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