Why are mid-back pockets good for walking?


Mid-back pockets will be great for a number of reasons:

  • This will be a great place to store your keys so you do not need to hold them
  • Also a good spot to put your music player
  • It will avoid having to put anything in your front pocket to avoid keys or music player rubbing against your leg

Wearing a shirt or coat with a pocket located mid-back will serve a couple different purposes while you are walking.

1.  While the arms are swinging, you will not hit your hand or wrist on keys or other items that might be kept in a regular front coat or pants pocket.

2.  While walking, it is possible for items placed in the front pocket of your pants or shorts to irritate the skin on your thigh. 

3.  Items placed in pockets on either side of the body will move back and forth as the body moves and the hips sway.  This can be quite annoying.

If you place keys and other items in a pocket located at your mid-back, the items will remain stable, and will not rub and irritate your skin.  Since this area is located along the midline of the body there is less side to side motion, thus a decreased chance of annoying jingling or interference with motion.

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