Why is dog walking good for me?

Dawn Marcus
Dog walking is a terrific form of exercise.
  • Expect to burn about 150-250 calories per hour when walking Fido.
  • You’ll burn about three times more calories walking Fido compared to watching television.
It’s easy to go at a comfortable pace. Your goal should be to walk a total of 150 minutes per week, which you can break into 10- or 20-minute segments to do a couple times each day. As you get more comfortable, keep your time the same, but pick up the pace, and you’ll be walking longer. Remember, you should be able to carry on a conversation when you’re walking. If you can sing while walking, you’re not walking fast enough -- pick up the pace. If you can’t easily chat, slow it down.

So slip into a comfortable pair of sneakers or boots, whistle for Fido, and start walking. And yes -- walking is real exercise!
Dogs like all animals need to be exercised regularly to ensure their health like all animals including humans. Walking a dog and interacting and playing with it on a regular basis will provide exercise and health benefits for both and your best friend. Experts recommend that people engage in 60 minutes of moderate activity exercise most days of the week. If you take your dog for a walk each day and interact with it daily this will increase your fitness level and improve your and your best friends’ health.

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