Where are good places to walk with my child?


Walking with your child can occur most anywhere.  The first place will be your neighborhood.  As long as you feel comfortable in your neighborhood then it will be most convenient location.  It will not require any extra travel and will allow for you to walk further to get more exercise.  Other locations include finding local walking trails.  These trails can be paved or dirt.  Again, any location will be great as long as you feel comfortable in the location and if so, go out and have fun!

Walking with children can be a fun and educational experience. A few places to consider walking with your child would be:

  1. A local park
  2. A Zoo
  3. A nature reserve
  4. A mall (if the weather is bad)
  5. Your neighborhood

Those are just to name a few.

Depending on the age of your child, and what interests them, you can tailor a walk around things they like. For instance, my nephews love trains, so I like to take them to places where they can be around trains (safety first of course and with permission). We have a local train yard that stores old trains and they love to walk around looking at all of the parts or the train and the how the tracks are built.


You can take advantage of all kinds of walking places with your child.  Try a local trail or park when weather permits, or go visit a different part of your city or town.  Ask some friends for recommendations in your area.  Perhaps you could start a "Mommy Walking Group".   If your child is young and requires a stroller, try to get one that will roll easily over all kinds of terrain.  If cost is an issue, check out second-hand stores to find one that is gently used.  You can also invest in a "child backpack".  These are great because they put your child at the same height as you, and allow for more communication between parent and child during the walks. 

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