What are good walking games to play with children?

Roy Miner

There are several games you can play with children while walking. We use to play Follow the leader. Take turns leading the way and the follower has to do what the leader is doing. Of course always be safe, but it can be a lot of fun if you get imaginative. Like walking like a monkey or skipping or hopping on one foot. It can be extremely fun for the adult as well as the child.

     We also used to play Red Light, Green Light. Seeing how far your child can walk before you say 1,2,3 red light. When you say red light they have to stop. It can be a fast count or a slow count just to mix things up a bit. But it can fun for the both of you. You can also go on a Savenger Hunt. Looking for a certain type of bird or leaf or a certain color rock. The challenge and fun is in the looking for the item. And the both of you are getting the benefits of walking and the quality time that you are spending together. I suggest a family walk too. This will give the entire family the chance to spend a fun time together enjoying each others company. You are not only exercising, you are creating a family orient activity that could be passed down to your children's children. These are only a few fun suggestions for walking games together. If you have any further questions please just message me here and I will be glad to help.

It sounds as though you have already been able to make a huge accomplishment.  You and your children are making sure to stay active and better yet, you are doing it together!  Keeping everyone in your family active is necessary to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Many games may be played with your children; much will depend on your imagination and what your children like to do.  As for when I was a kid, my parents and I would always take a football on a walk.  You of course need the appropriate area for this so avoid busy streets is beneficial.  We would make up plays and run routes.  This was fun as we had the component of exercise but also added a few sprints along the way!  Another great game is what we called “I Spy.”  This game consists of someone finding an object, could be someone’s house, a car, a bike, you name it, and the options are endless.  We would then have to ask various questions such as is the object blue, is the object round, etc, and eventually you would be able to guess the object.  This game will be great because it requires some thought and stimulating the mind is never a bad thing!

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