What are some good tips for walking with a stroller?


Walking with a stroller is a great way to add resistance to your walk.  Having this added resistance will force your body to work harder, especially if you are walking a route that is filled with hills.  You will need to stay in control of the stroller both for the uphill and downhill portion of your walk.

When walking with a stroller, be sure to stand tall with good posture.  At times people may slouch forward as they start to fatigue.  You want to avoid bad posture at all times and focusing on this will help benefit you.  Another good tip will be to switch the hand you push with.  When you are on a flat part of your walk, use one arm to push and have the other pump back and forth.  This will help keep your pace and allow your upper body to stay loose.  Be sure to switch hand periodically to keep both sides balanced.

When you are walking with a stroller, you are basically walking with a mobile weight! You can use the stroller as resistance as you walk up a hill. As well as when you walk downhill as well. If you are exercising on flat ground before you start walking place both your arms on the handle and bend down to stretch your lats or use it as stability to stretch your calves. If you stand sideways in the back and hold on with one arm you can lean to the side and stretch your obliques. 

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