What are fun games to play during a nature walk with children?


When walking with children, we need to keep their attention which is not always easy to do. Some games may include:

  • Find a nature trail that has some information along the way. Many trails explain how the trail was developed or what you can expect to see along the way.
  • If a trail does not have the above then get some sort of informational book about the trail. Learning the history of a trail is very exciting.
  • Most trails have a variety of birds to see or different type of animals so try to see who can find the most, this will keep everyone alert and searching the entire time.
  • Find a trail that has a guide to bring you on a tour.

A really fun game that you can play with children on a nature walk is a scavenger hunt.  All you have to do is make a list of items that the children will find while they are out exploring.  It is even fun to have children be involved in making the list by predicting what things they think they might be able to find!  Kids also like making there “explorer bag” before they venture out – you can use a lunch sack from your local store for them to color or decorate in fun ways.  Be sure to talk to your children about staying together out on the trail and about what plants, animals or insects they should never touch.  Being safe while exploring is a must, so take the time to educate them about all the do’s and don’ts before you hit the trail.  When you get back from your walk it is always fun for them to show everyone their treasures, so give them a chance to present their findings.  Nature walks are a great way for children to learn about the outdoors and are a fun activity for the whole family.  Happy Trails!

This is a great question!

Spending time with children on a nature walk is a great experience, but giving them the tools to make it even more enjoyable will add years of memories for everyone involved.

Here are some ideas:

Prior to your outdoor adventure you can create a checklist of known plants, animals, bugs, etc. in the area you will be visiting. As you go along in your journey you can:

  1. have the children check off these items as they see them
  2. color or draw the object that they see
  3. take pictures of the items that they find
  4. If allowed, collect samples of the items (like leaves or rocks to name a couple) to keep in their nature book.
  5.  Give them a task of who can find a certain amount of an item like trees, plants, bugs, birds etc. They can work as a team to accomplish this goal, and it will tune them into their surroundings.
  6. Search for items, under rocks, on or under fallen trees etc. Give the children a magnifying glass so that they can view the tiniest of details.

The possibilities are endless, especially with a child's imagination. Most importantly you will want them to work as a team; this will keep them engaged with each other and nature at the same time.

Important things to remember prior to embarking on your nature journey:

Bring binoculars for bird watching, pack snacks and water, sunscreen and bug repellant, a small first-aid kit with disinfectant and band aids, colored pencils or crayons, camera/video camera/sound recorder, magnifying glass, small containers to keep specimens in.

Be aware of where you are going and if there are any dangerous animals, reptiles etc., and have an emergency plan "just in case".

Enjoy your outdoor adventures!


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