What can I do if I freeze when walking?

If you freeze when walking, try these tips:
  • Very carefully walk backward or sideways.
  • Count from one to 10 or count by twos to 20, with the idea in mind that you’ll walk when you reach the last number.
  • Ask your helper to gently rock back and forth with you to get you moving.
  • Try dancing instead of walking. Whistling or singing may also help you overcome freezing.
  • Focusing on the beam of a flashlight or laser pointer may break a frozen gait. Use a credit card-type flashlight instead of a bulky wand-style flashlight. The credit card varieties are lightweight, convenient, and activated with a gentle squeeze. Some come with a key chain attached, which you can hang from a bedpost, wheelchair, or walker.
  • Try lifting just your toes.
  • Have someone drop pieces of a tissue on the floor like stepping stones and use them to break your freeze.
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