What foods should I avoid when starting a walking program?

Doreen Rodo
Nutrition & Dietetics

You should strive to eat a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, lean meats or protein, healthy oils (canola and olive) as well as whole grains and items with fiber. You should avoid fried foods and dishes in heavy cream sauces. A 32 oz coke has 26 teaspoons of sugar so skip the regular soda and switch to plain or flavored water. Instead of have sweet desserts such as brownies or cookies, switch to a dessert item with fruit such as a berry cobbler or apple crisp.

Avoid foods that are high in sugars and high in fat. You want to focus on eating clean natural food. Try to avoid items that are processed as these will not metabolize as well in your body. Again, eating clean will be great for your body!

You want to have all your daily required vitamins. Do not worry about avoiding anything right now until you dial in your exercise program. I would see an RD and see what you can do about the diet. I would consume all the good stuff try and get all your stuff from natural and grass fed animals. Just eat healthy and consume your proper caloric intake.

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