What can I do if I reach a walking plateau?

If you've reached a plateau in walking, then that means you need to up your game.  Using a gps device, will help you know how fast you are moving so that way you know that you are moving faster than you did yesterday.  If you use an actual gps device, rather than a smartphone application, you can program the device to keep you notified as to your speed or pace.  However it works for you.  You have to move faster and if you need a break, then you walk a little slower for a period of time. 

Break through it! Our bodies adapt to activity fairly quickly and need to add challenge and change every 4-6 weeks to continue a progression.  Walking is no different.

To push through a walking plateau, trying  mixing up one or more of the following:

  • Speed - vary walking with mini sprints or just add faster bouts of walking
  • Intensity - add inclines - look for more challenging terraine - hills, for example and squeeze those glutes as your climb!
  • Duration - extend the length of time you walk each time or vary distance walks with shorter, more intense ones
  • Frequency - add more workouts to your week - it can be more walking..or add in some resistance training which help build your endurance and stamina

Put your body into it! Don't forget to use your arms when you are walking..think about your form and using your core as you take each step.

These are the questions I love to answer!  Now that you have reached your walking plateau you must pick-up the intensity of your routine!  Prior to doing that, congratulate yourself.  You have accomplished a feat!  Your body now requires you to work harder.  This means your fitness is increases and this is wonderful!

The next step, add some strength training to your routine, add some running or sprint intervals to your walking, or completely change up your routine and start running!  Everyone is different and you may not be able to run due to the impact on your body, not a problem.  Adding simple strength training exercises, such as push-ups and squat, will assist and help your body continue to receive benefits while doing something you enjoy. 

Not sure about the strength training but still looking for that push?  Well add those jogging or sprint intervals.  A great way to figure out the appropriate length would be to use telephone poles.  Walk for two polls and jog/sprint for one.  Do a handful of these to see how they feel and increase as you get stronger!

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