What are the best places for a seniors to walk?


Some of the best places for seniors to consider walking will be

  • Malls prior to opening. Many malls are open early and people are allowed to show up and walk through the halls.
  • Fitness centers and fitness centers that have tracks.
  • Outdoor trails or within communities that are safe and have little traffic.
Most places will be fine as long as someone is with them to ensure their safety.

A good place for seniors to walk would be in an open area that is relatively flat.  Some examples would be in a mall or an inside track at the local Y or gym.  If the weather is clear and it is above 55 degrees outside then a park or a paved bike trail would be good places to walk. Make sure before you start to walk, warm up with some stretches:

 Wall Stretch: place your foot against a wall, keep your knee straight, then lean in toward the wall and hold for 30 seconds then release.

 Hamstring Stretch: while seated extend your leg and keep your knee straight, lean toward your foot and hold for 30 seconds

 Thigh/Quad Stretch: lean against a wall so that your sideways to the wall, grab the ankle of the foot closest to the wall and try to bring your heel to your buttocks without bending forward; hold for 30 seconds.

Walking with someone else is safer and more pleasant then walking by yourself. Start walking at a comfortable pace. You should be able to have a conversation with the other person without feeling tired and out of breathe.  Start with a 15-20 minute walk and progress from there adding an additional 5 minutes every time you walk so that you don’t overdo it. Stretch both before and after your walk. Try to walk at least 5 days a week and progress the distance each week.

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