How can a senior find a walking buddy?


Many towns have senior centers. These would be great areas to find someone to walk with. Another option might be to go to a retirement home or retirement park. Within these communities would be listings of groups such as walking groups. Going to your local recreation center or police department might also be a good option.

Joy Larison

Do you belong to a senior community center or church? Does your doctor's office have a bulletin board where you could post what you are looking for? What about the grocery store? When you are out, engage in conversations with others and mention you are involved in fitness and looking for a walking buddy. You would be surprised at the number of eager takers you will have, or know of someone looking, too. Others are thinking the same thing!

Of course you want to get to know a little about them to make sure they are a good fit for you. Are you of a similar fitness level? Do you live near one another or near the same walking area? Will you be able to find a good time for both of you? Once you have decided you are a match, schedule a first walk together and see how it goes. Hopefully you've found a walking buddy, and a new friend for life!

Many communities have recreation centers for seniors and usually have walking clubs and/or a list of people who are looking for walking buddies. Your local churches usually have a bulletin board where you can post a notice that you are looking for a walking buddy.  The YMCA is another good place to look for a walking buddy.

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