How can I make a family walk fun for my teenagers?


Does your teenager enjoy sports? If so, bring something that can be thrown back and forth. You may have your son or daughter run around to catch the ball. Be sure you are in a safe area but this will be a great way for both of you to get great exercise and your teen will truly be pooped at the end of the walk.

Teenager not into sports? Bring them on a nature walk or play some sort of guessing game. A great game to play is “I Spy.” This game requires you choose an object, might be a car, bird plane, or any object. Next clues must be asked to guess the object, clues such as color, size, shape, etc. The harder the object to guess and the longer into your walk you will be!

Most of all have fun; simply talk with your teen about anything.

Create some fun it’s easy, walk backwards side to side and shuffle. Use the terrain for a balance challenge, pause for some calisthenics and offer some type of incentive or reward system for compliance, and about a zillion other ways. Good Luck

If your teenager is finding family walk time a bit hum-drum the best place to start is to find out what it is about the family walk that bores them. You can offer solutions based on their response.

In the mean-time here are some ideas you can try.

  1. Let them pick the place or route they would like to walk. Sometimes they simply get tired of their surroundings and want a change of scenery. Have them chart a course and let them be the guide.
  2. Have them invite a friend or a friend and their friend's family once-in-a-while.
  3. If they are into sports (for instance football) bring a football and toss the ball while walking. Make a game out of it by not allowing the ball to hit the ground, and whomever wins that challenge can pick the next walk location.
  4. You can take it even farther by having them decide what clothes mom and dad wear! You know they want to dress you up like a clown so humor them! It will add years of laughs and stories and memories for the entire family!

The important thing to remember is keeping them engaged, and connected. Since teenagers are in the life-stage of trying to find their place in life, let them have the say on where the family goes on their walks. It may not be ideal to you, but if keeping them interested in that bonding time is important sometimes we, as adults have to hand over the reins once-in-a-while, (within reason of course).

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