How can I get my family involved in my walking program?

A good way to possibly get your family involved in a walking program is by offering them incentives. Anything that motivates your family to get involved will qualify as a concession or tool to stimulate greater output. This form of inducement is a subtle way to compensate or encourage a dissent family member to participate in your walking program. 

Walking is fun and truly a great way for your family to bond and for everyone to get healthy and stay fit.  The first way to get everyone involved is to ask.  No one can say no to something they are not offered.  If this first way does not work then try incentivizing them by offering them something in return.  Of course you should not need to offer your family any sort of bribery to take part in physical activity but I was a teenage once and getting me to do stuff with my parents was not always easy so a little bribe will not hurt.  Aside from those options, get creative, figure out something your family truly enjoys doing and find a way to incorporate some form of that into the walk which should help encourage them to participate.

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