How is a city walk different than a nature walk in the woods?


City walking has some similarities and difference from nature walk. 


  • Both are forms of exercise and both are great to complete
  • Both may have some various elevation levels


  • City walk will be more crowded and may be louder due to every day traffic, etc
  • Nature walks will be calming and more relaxing
  • City walk is often going to be on pavement
  • Nature walk will often be on dirt or some form of ground
Joy Larison

Ah, to be one with nature~city walking and nature walking are the same, but different. City walking means more people and traffic and pollution. It may be faster paced, and stressful. Nature walking takes you away from all of that and let's you slow down and breathe! I love walking along nature trails as there are always the sounds of birds and other small creatures, and quiet. It is a good time to reflect on life. I find it interesting to go to a park in the middle of a big city, and find the quiet of nature trails away from the hustle of the world.

Consider also nature walking is more of a physical challenge in that there are more hills to climb as well as rocks and perhaps mud. City walking generally involves sidewalks that aren't usually found in nature. You may find a pair of city walking shoes may not be as comfortable for trail walking. There are shoes made for trails, and depending on your abilities, perhaps hiking boots may help. Many people use poles when taking a nature walk to help support them in rough terrain.

While walking in the city or in nature, just remember to enjoy yourself. What you are doing for you is amazing! Keep it up!

Either walk is great because the key is you're on your feet and moving! A city walk can be as simple as stepping outside your front door and taking in the sights and sounds of your neighborhood. However, if you'd like to block out all the noises that come with a walk in your neighborhood or your city streets...just grab your iPod or MP3 player! A city walk can be a great opportunity to explore the city streets around you, but may not have the time to notice. It's also a great way to meet your neighbors if they're out, or just explore what "the Joneses" are up to! A nature walk on the other hand, can bring a totally different experience, perspective or mood. When I go out into nature, I make sure to leave any technology far behind. I like to take the time to not only get some great exercise and fresh air, but to take in all the sounds of nature as well. A walk in the woods can be very calming and relaxing... a fantastic stress-reliever. It can also be an opportunity to challenge yourself physically, depending on the terrain, engaging muscles you may not think about. Hills, trails, and the rugged terrain of the woods can increase your 'proprioception'...your body's ability to adapt to different external stimuli. In other words, you may get a more intense workout and work more muscles than you would on a simple, level surface. Both walks will keep you on the path toward better health!

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