How many calories do I burn during a 20 minute walk?


Every individual is different and everyone will burn a different amount of calories during a 20-minute walk.  Some individuals may burn a lot while other may not.  Some individuals may walk at a high intensity while other may walk at a more moderate pace.  The best way to figure out the amount of calories you body burn while exercising would be to purchase a device that can track your activity and calories burned.  A bodybugg is a great example and something that is fairly inexpensive.

How many calories one burns on a 20 minute walk is unique to each person.  It depends upon your own metabolic burn rate as well as your speed and intensity of your walk.  One of the best ways to determine your burn rate more accurately is to wear an activity and calorie tracker such as Body Media/Exerspy.  Its an armband with 4 separate sensors that work together to determine how many calories you are burning while wearing the device.  An inexpensive subscription to a website is required for uploading the data.  You may also purchase a wrist display if you want to know how many calories you are burning real time.

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