How many calories can I burn walking 2,000 steps per half hour?


Giving an exact answer would be difficult. Much of the reasoning for this includes how active you currently are, the pace you are walking at, the time of day, and your hydration level. Investing minimal money into a device such as a bodybugg will give you a reading of the amount of calories burned during physical activity.

The calories you burn depend on a number of factors including you body weight and level of fitness.  Based on an average stride length, there are approximately 2000 steps in a mile.  So, that would put you at a pace of about 2 miles per hour.  A 150 lb person would burn about 68 - 95 calories in a half hour of walking at that pace depending on which estimation you use.  To get a more accurate calorie count, I would recommend getting a device like the Exerspy or a heart rate monitor to keep track of your calories burned.  

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