How can I stick with my walking program without getting bored?


What motivates you? Do you walk for enjoyment, do you walk because you know activity is good for you, or are you training for an event?

You need to have a goal set in order to keep yourself from getting bored. If you do not have goals then let’s start one! Shoot to walk 10,000 steps every day; this will be equal to approximately 5 miles! Still not sure, find someone to walk with! Having a partner will assist in keeping you motivated. Still need more, find an event to sign-up for such as a 5-mile walk for charity and use that as your goal to stay active!

Key to avoiding boredom while working out is to change your pace, route, and to walk or workout with others. 

Speeding up for a minute or two and then slowing down will change your intensity; this will make your workout more interesting. The variations will keep your mind engaged and tuned into what your body is doing and off of how long it is taking to get done. By keeping engaged with your workout, time will go by faster and you will have more fun.

Changing your rout will give you something to look at also keeping you distracted from how long it is taking to get the walking done. Also, having a companion to chat with will keep you occupied so time will fly by.

You can also break up your workouts into small segments 10 to 15 min. several times a day will add up to a lot.

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