How can I start a walking program with the right attitude?

First, do not look at the program as exercise. Think of your program as a lifestyle change and one that will be a beneficial change. Being active and health will lead to a life filled with benefits! Start a walking log or walking journal as well. Set a great goal, one that is attainable but one that is going to keep you motivated. Most of all have fun! Life is too short to not be enjoyed.

Your mind and body are a team, and they need you to be the captain!  There is a song from the children's animated movie "Santa Clause is Comin' to Town" that starts "put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walking out the door!"  It's that easy once you take charge of your health and decide that you are worthy to reap all the benefits of walking to include a stronger heart, increased lung capacity, solid muscles, a connection to your community and other people, and new found confidence.  Lace up your walking shoes and walk out the door!

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Walking Programs

Walking Programs

A walking program can help you create an exercise routine to meet your fitness goals. Start by consulting your physician, then decide the number of steps or minutes walking you'll want to achieve. Pedometers can help you track you...

r steps, and walking calendars and logs are often available for free online. Learn more about starting a walking program and staying motivated with expert advice from Sharecare.

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