How can I get motivated to start a walking program?

Here are 7 ways to bust even your best excuses:

  • Walk at home. Can't get out of your PJs? No problem. You'll get a coach, motivator -- and great workout -- all in one.
  • Set a goal. Give yourself something to shoot for -- like logging 10,000 steps for the first time -- and you're more likely to stay in the game. A goal can be anything from making a big checkmark on the calendar for every day you walk (yes -- you did it!) to walking an extra mile.
  • Promise a pal. Remember that popular elementary school slogan, Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance? It can get you moving when your motivation is zip. How? If you have a walking date with a friend, your dog, or a group at the mall, you're much more likely to show up -- and be glad you did.
  • Pump it up. Maybe what your walk needs is a little amping up to keep you interested. Could it be time to try Nordic walking or do some hill intervals?
  • Do it because you can. There are people who can't walk (just for openers, think of all the disabled vets back from war zones). Some of our own walking buddies say that remembering that they can walk when others can't is what gets them going on their "don't want to" days.
  • Put on a pedometer. It turns walking into a game. Didn't get your steps in today? See how many you can take while making dinner. Then challenge yourself to do 2,000 more while watching Dancing with the Stars (it will be a cinch compared to the on-screen steps).
  • Do it anyway. The hardest step is the first one. Once you step out the door or onto the treadmill, you're likely to keep going. Stop searching for reasons not to go, and get out there.

    Getting motivated at times can be tough. Here are some ways to help you along the way:

    • Find music that will motivate you
    • Set a goal – walk 10,000 steps a day or sign-up to complete a race
    • Exercise with friends – a great motivator!
    • Realize the benefits are so grand that not exercising would be wasting time

    All in all, exercise will assist you in so many ways and the benefits are phenomenal! Lace up, get walking!

    The best way to stay motivated to start a walking program is to think about and visualize how you will feel and look after maintaining consistency. Another great way is to join the walk with Walgreens movement, because this will keep you energized, and accountable to other friends and participants which in turn help to keep you motivated.

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