How can walks with friends make exercise more fun?

Turning a walking routine into social time can make exercise more fun and increase the rewards of the activity. Physical activities such as regular, brisk walking can help reduce the risk of heart disease and other conditions. Not only will you be socializing, but you will be mutually contributing to health and longevity. Walking with a friend makes exercise more fun by:
  • Keeping boredom at bay
  • Having someone there who will encourage you and vice versa
  • Reducing any safety worries

Exercising with someone can be the best way to be successful! Partner training truly has loads of benefit!

  • They will help keep you motivated
  • They will give you the extra push on a day when you are not motivated
  • They will be your spot and help you gain an extra rep or two
  • They will help time fly by
  • They will help keep things fresh and exciting

You can’t go wrong training with someone so give it a try if you have someone who is willing to work with you!

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