What should I do if my hiking shoes give me blisters as I break them in?

If your hiking shoes give you blisters try switching to socks made from synthetic materials which will provide less friction, this will reduce the risk of developing as blister which is caused by friction on the skin. Other options are to decrease the length of hikes until your shoes have been properly broken in which will also reduce your risk of blisters.
Jenny K. Lee, MD
Internal Medicine
Blisters are a very common ailment of my patients. It is great that you are wearing your shoes ahead of time, because wearing new shoes on the first day of your hike would not be a good idea. I recommend using moleskin, available in most outdoor stores, to help decrease the chance of getting blisters.

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A blister is a patch of raised skin that contains watery liquid. Blisters may form when your skin rubs against something repeatedly. For instance, if your shoes are tight, stiff, or too small, the skin on your feet can develop bli...

sters as it rubs against the inner part of the shoes when you walk. Don't pop a skin blister. Instead, cover it with a bandage and let the skin heal naturally.

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