What are possible complications of foot blisters?

A foot blister may become serious if infected. Be sure when you get a foot blister to avoid picking at it. Also, if still active, be sure to wrap with something such as a bandage prior to completing any physical activity that may results in sweating of some sort. If the infection is present, consider seeking addition guidance from your physician.

Blisters are painful and can become infected if you do not take good care of them. The skin that is covering the blister is there to protect it and prevent bacterial infections. If you need to put your shoe on, you can pierce the blister with a needle to drain the fluid but try and keep the covering skin in tact.  This usually eases the pain, however you need to ensure then that you cover it with antibacterial cream and a piece of gauze.   The blister will dry out after a couple of days and you can then cut the dead skin off.  

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