How can my foot blisters be treated?

Christopher Chiodo, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
If a foot blister develops, don't pop it. The skin provides a natural defense against infection. A blister should drain on its own in a few days, as a new layer of skin forms underneath the fluid. The outer layer will eventually peel away. To prevent the blister from popping, place a bandage over it, or -- for large blisters -- create a donut cushion by cutting a hole in a piece of moleskin or felt. If the blister breaks anyway, clean and dry the area and use an antibiotic ointment before covering it with a sterile bandage. If you have diabetes or a circulatory problem, it may take longer for the blister to heal on its own, and you'll be more likely to develop an infection. Consult a doctor or foot care specialist.

Try to avoid picking at the blister. This may be challenging as we all do it. However, picking at blisters may turn into infections. A blister should heel itself in time. Until that time, put a bandage on it to prevent from picking at it.

I am an endurance athlete and my main focus is on blister prevention.  Any areas on my feet that are prone to blister while running get a swab of New Skin or other liquid bandage prior to running.  I simply swipe on, let dry, and go on my way!  This works great to prevent blisters from occuring in the first place.

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A blister is a patch of raised skin that contains watery liquid. Blisters may form when your skin rubs against something repeatedly. For instance, if your shoes are tight, stiff, or too small, the skin on your feet can develop bli...

sters as it rubs against the inner part of the shoes when you walk. Don't pop a skin blister. Instead, cover it with a bandage and let the skin heal naturally.

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