How can I avoid foot blisters when walking?


In order to avoid foot blisters, try the following:

  • Wear supportive socks. Socks that will allow your feet to breath but will not rub excessively when walking or running
  • Be sure the shoes you have do not cause any irritation as this might be a reason for the cause of blisters.

Blisters are caused by moisture, scraps or open wounds on the soles of the feet and friction (rubbing of your foot on an unstable surface). Some common causes of blister formation are loose or tight fitting shoes, unclean wounds on the bottom of your foot, & wet or dirty socks. To avoid blisters make sure your foot is snug in the shoe and there is no movement of the foot in the shoe as you walk/run. Always wear clean socks without holes in the bottom. Keep your feet dry. If you are hiking/walking/running outdoors and far from your home, pack an extra pair of socks in a backpack or in your car (just in case you get caught in the rain or step into a puddle of water). If you have a scrap or wound on the bottom or your foot; make sure it is clean and is completely covered by a band aid or ace wrap. Make sure that your toe nails are clipped on at least a weekly basis to avoid ingrown toenails.

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A blister is a patch of raised skin that contains watery liquid. Blisters may form when your skin rubs against something repeatedly. For instance, if your shoes are tight, stiff, or too small, the skin on your feet can develop bli...

sters as it rubs against the inner part of the shoes when you walk. Don't pop a skin blister. Instead, cover it with a bandage and let the skin heal naturally.

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