How can I care for someone with trichomonal vulvovaginitis?

Angela Lowery
Family Medicine
You can care for someone with trichomonal vulvovaginitis by referring them to a medical provider if they should disclose to you sign and symptoms of the disease. Encourage safe sexual practice by encouraging condom use. You can also tell males to use dental dams or heavy plastic when performing oral sex and females to use condoms when performing oral sex. Limit their number of partners and have sex with only one person.

If someone you know experiences symptoms such as a heavy vaginal discharge, vaginal inflammation, or pain during urination or sex, they may have trichomonal vulvovaginitis. There is not much you can do to care for them, other than refer them to a doctor for treatment as soon as possible. You can also encourage them to refrain from sexual activity while they wait for symptoms to lessen, in order to prevent further infection. Encourage them to use condoms in the future to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Vulvovaginitis refers to numerous types of infections that can affect the vulva and vaginal area. Causes of vulvovaginitis include yeast, bacteria, parasites STDs and other viruses. If you have symptoms of vulvovaginitis like odor...

, discharge, itching, rash or pain in the vagina, you should call your doctor. You will want to make sure that you are treated for this condition, as it does not always go away on its own.

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