Does douching with yogurt help an irritated vagina?


Douching in general is not advised. If there is vaginal irritation, consider applying a natural mild oil like Grape Seed oil to soothe it after bathing etc. Using a mild soap, or no soap at all is often helpful as well. If the vagina and vulva are red and itching, you might have a yeast infection. There are homeopathic remedies for yeast, but there is also just over the counter vaginal yeast treatments as well. 

Persistent irritation could be a sign of yeast or bacterial infection, trichomonas infection, herpes infection or others- so do see your GYN practitioner for an evaluation if it persists or arises in any new unusual way.

The yogurt remedy is not supported by most medical research or medical providers. Some women do find a yogurt saturated with cold plain organic yogurt, then inserted into the vagina for 20-60 minutes is soothing to them. But the research has not yet supported that yogurt organisms recolonize the good organisms of the vagina or fight infection. Perhaps it is the medium of the yogurt, not the organisms that deserve attention in the research though.

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