What are the treatment options for stuttering?

Treatment options can range from speech therapy, stress reduction, and emotional support, to the use of electronic devices. Various medications have been proposed as treatments for stuttering, but research has deemed them mostly ineffective. It's important to work with a speech pathologist-an expert in speech-related issues-in determining the best treatment for you or your child. The best options will depend upon a number of different factors, including age and severity of symptoms.

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Voice Disorders

Voice Disorders

Some of the most common symptoms of voice disorders are a change in your voice (it becomes either deeper or raspy), you have trouble singing, your throat feels raw or itchy and you find yourself repeatedly clearing your throat. Th...

ese symptoms can be caused by inflammation, respiratory infection, growths on your vocal cords or just by overusing your voice if you are for example a professional singer or a member of a cheerleading squad. If you develop a voice disorder, you may want to see an otolaryngologist to determine the cause of your voice problem.

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