Who should take prenatal vitamins?

Elizabeth Casparro, MPH,RD
Nutrition & Dietetics

All women of child-bearing age should be taking a prenatal or at least a multivitamin. Many pregnancies are unplanned and can go unnoticed for the first couple of months. During this time in the pregnancy, all of the baby's organs are forming and without sufficient nutrients from the mom's diet, certain deformities can develop such as neural tube defects. Although food can supply all of the vitamins and minerals needed in a prenatal diet, it is often difficult to eat enough of these foods.

Women who are pregnant should take prenatal vitamins to supplement their diet. It is important you to make sure you are eating right and taking the appropriate vitamins during your pregnancy. This is because the developing fetus needs certain vitamins in order to grow and develop properly. Speak to your doctor about prenatal vitamins if you are pregnant.

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