What is multivitamin with iron and fluoride?

Multivitamin with iron and fluoride is a supplement that combines vitamins, iron, and fluoride to help children with poor diets and low levels of fluoride in their drinking water. It can also help adults who have undergone radiation therapy. Your child needs vitamins for good health and growth, iron to maintain red blood cells, and fluoride to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Multivitamin with iron and fluoride is available without a prescription under brand names such as Poly Vitamin, MyKidz Iron FL, and Poly-Vi-Flor, and Tri Vites. Multivitamin with iron and fluoride comes in the form of drops, a liquid, or chewable tablets. It should be taken with a glass of water. Don't take multivitamin with iron and fluoride if you're allergic to iron or fluoride or if your drinking water contains ample amounts of fluoride.
Multivitamin with iron and fluoride is a nonprescription formula of vitamins and minerals, including iron and fluoride. Fluoride, which is added to the water supplies in most places in the United States, protects teeth from decay by strengthening their enamel. Doctors recommend this supplement for children who don't get enough fluoride from drinking tap water and for people of all ages who have undergone radiation therapy. This supplement is also marketed under the brand names Multi Vita Bets and Fluoride, MyKidz Iron FL, Poly Vitamin with Fluoride, Poly Vitamin with Fluoride with Iron, Poly-Vi-Flor, Poly-Vi-Flor with Iron, Soluvite F, Tri Vites with Fluoride and Iron, Tri-Vi-Flor, Tri-Vi-Flor with Iron, and Tri-Vitamin with Fluoride.

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