Is it safe to take prenatal vitamins and multivitamins while breastfeeding?

While you are breastfeeding, your doctor may recommend that you either continue taking your prenatal vitamins or switch to a different daily multivitamin that contains the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of all the vitamins and minerals you need. Most prenatal vitamins meet this criterion, but they may also contain more iron than is necessary for breastfeeding moms and may make some new moms constipated. Talk to your doctor about the best advice for you.
Patricia Geraghty, NP
Women's Health
It is highly recommended that women continue to take prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding. A baby who is 100% breastfed is still relying on Mom's body to supply all the energy and nutrients for healthy growth. Prenatal vitamins help support Mom and baby in this task. However, prenatal vitamins and multivitamins should not both be taken. This could lead to dangerously high levels of some of the nutritional components.

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