How do I choose a multivitamin for my school-age child?

Stacy Wiegman, PharmD
Pharmacy Specialist

Before you choose a multivitamin for your school-age child, talk to your pediatrician. Most kids who eat a variety of foods and are otherwise healthy do not need a multivitamin. The exceptions include kids who have a deficiency of some sort, eat an unhealthy or erratic diet or are underweight.

If you want to give your child a multivitamin, read labels when choosing one: Make sure that the amounts of vitamins and minerals do not go above the recommended dietary allowance. Your pharmacy has a selection of multivitamins that are designed for school-age children.

If your child cannot swallow pills, there are chewable and liquid vitamins. If your child has a bad reaction to a multivitamin, including chest tightness, fever, itching or seizures, call your doctor or 911 right away.

The right multivitamin for your child depends not just on how old the child is but where that child lives. This is because different parts of the county have different amounts of various vitamins and minerals available in local food and water. You should talk to your doctor about what multivitamin is best for your child, depending on his or her age, location and diet.

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