What is the best vitamin for age 50 plus?

A formula should consider the requirements of older individuals in helping to combat potentially preventable diseases such as dementia, osteoporosis and heart disease.

It should contain optimal doses of Folate, B6 and B12 along with bone‐building nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A (also beta carotene) and even Vitamin K. This formula should be used with 1000 mg of calcium from food or supplements. A good formula would look as follows:

Vitamin A -- 1000 IU; Vitamin D -- 1000 IU; Beta Carotene -- 5000 IU; Vitamin C -- 400 mg; Iron -- 8 mg; Vitamin E -- 50 IU; Vitamin B1 -- 6 mg; Vitamin B2 -- 6 mg; Niacinamide -- 20 mg; Vitamin B6 -- 10 mg; Folic Acid -- 400 mcg; Vitamin B12 -- 100 mcg; Biotin -- 100 mcg; Pantothenic Acid -- 10 mg; Iodine -- 75 mcg; Magnesium -- 100 mg; Zinc -- 15 mg

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