A Stress-Zapping Mineral

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A Stress-Zapping Mineral

It may not get the fanfare that other nutrients do, but this mineral is a stress-fighting superstar: magnesium.

As your freak-out level rises, your need for magnesium jumps as well, according to Amy Wechsler, MD, Sharecare skin expert and author of The Mind-Beauty Connection. Get at least 400 milligrams a day to soothe an overactive stress-response system.

Mighty Magnesium
You can get the magnesium you need from foods like soymilk, black beans, poultry, and halibut -- or you can pop a supplement. If you don't get enough magnesium, it may elevate your levels of substance P, a chemical that promotes pain and also plays a role in your skin's stress response (yes, stress attacks your skin, too). So the bonus of getting enough is that you'll feel better and look better. (Find other good food sources of magnesium.)

Another Stress-Fighting Hero
Along with magnesium, zinc is another workhorse nutrient you need to zap stress and look and feel your best, notes Wechsler. And you may not be getting enough if you are a vegetarian, take calcium or iron supplements, or are trying to lose weight. You want at least 12 milligrams per day, but no more than 15. A possible sign that you're low: itchy and flaky skin. Besides dry skin, see what else zinc can help ward off.