Can vitamin C help treat a cold?

Vitamin C may help treat a cold by lessening the severity of the symptoms and shortening the duration. The trick is, you have to take vitamin C regularly. If you wait until you feel a cold coming on, it won't help you. To get the benefits of vitamin C, take 1 to 3 grams every day, but no more: Too much C can cause side effects.
While some studies show that zinc lozenges taken every 2 hours during the first day of symptoms are beneficial, most studies are inconclusive. Likewise, no study consistently proves that vitamin C in orange juice, or any other vitamin or herb for that matter, will prevent a cold, or make an existing cold go away faster. Keep in mind that the profit-motivated companies that manufacture and distribute herbs and vitamins are non-FDA approved, and are not required to prove efficacy. They can, and do, say whatever they want to promote their product.
Jill A. Grimes, MD
Family Medicine
Vitamin C helps treat a cold by decreasing the duration of symptoms. Take vitamin C in doses greater than 200 mg per day once you develop cold symptoms.

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