Should I use a skin product that contains vitamin C?

Sharine Forbes
Geriatric Medicine
Using a topical cream that has vitamin C in it has proven to be beneficial in the production of collagen in the dermal papillae. Therefore, this means that vitamin C can help preserve the skin's vitality and even help with sun spots. It is important to mention that applying vitamin C to the skin is twenty times more effective than consuming it orally. 

So using a skin product that contains vitamin C is highly recommended, unless you have an allergy to vitamin C.
Putting vitamin C directly on your skin can improve not only wrinkles and dryness but also roughness, broken blood vessels, and sallow skin tone. But there's a hitch: Vitamin C is so unstable that just a bit of sunlight, air, heat, or water renders it ineffective. Depending on the formulation, some products may not stay active long enough to do much good.

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