Can Vitamin C help with oral health?


Vitamin C remains a vital nutrient for optimal oral health. Too little Vitamin C has been proven to lead to gingivitis, bleeding or inflamed gums, weak tooth enamel and a reduced ability to fight infection. Vitamin C's role in maintaining the health of teeth and gums has a long documented history. Now clinical research has also shown that vitamin C functions in improving host defence mechanisms as well, thereby preserving periodontal health. This has suggested that the monitoring of the vitamin C status of individuals, especially those at high risk (e.g., diabetics, smokers, elderly, etc.) for inadequate intakes, will yield positive results for both periodontal and systemic health.

Some research suggests that Vitamin C might improve oral health. Researcher Robert Genco, DDS, PhD, said that the correlation between Vitamin C and periodontal disease has been known for a long time. "In the late 18th century, sailors away at sea would eat limes to prevent their gums from bleeding. The relationship between vitamin C and periodontal disease is likely due to vitamin C's role in maintaining and repairing healthy connective tissue along with its antioxidant properties."

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