Can vitamin B12 help alleviate depression?

There is no proof that taking vitamin B12 can alleviate depression in people who do not have a deficiency in vitamin B12. Several studies have found associations between vitamin B12 and depression, but more research is needed to understand this relationship before doctors can recommend vitamin B12 for depression.

Vitamin B12 and another B vitamin, folate, work together to form S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), a substance that is involved in mood regulation in the body. Many people who are diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency experience depression as one of their symptoms, and people who see their doctors for depression are sometimes found to have low levels of vitamin B12. It's possible that in the future, vitamin B12 might be found to play a role in reversing depression, particularly in people who are deficient in vitamin B12. But more research is needed.

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