Can a GPS help a blind person to be active?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner

Some people are finding that technology can help those with visual impairment to live more active lives. For instance, take the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and connect it to an IPhone, a laptop or other high tech talking device. The result? A means of getting extremely precise directions that now allow some veterans to know where they are—and where they are headed.

Without technology such as GPS systems, many blinded veterans stay at home day after day, afraid to venture far from their familiar surroundings. Yet the high-tech gadgetry such as the GPS system is being used more and more to challenge blinded veterans and to allow them to regain mobility and discover their active lives again.

Although leaders who teach others how to use the GPS believe this device will never replace a guide dog. Still, the GPS can allow more blinded people to get outside and to discover the world around them.

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