What causes aortic disease?

There are a variety of causes of aortic disease. They include genetic and acquired causes. Genetic causes include bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) and connective tissue disorders. Acquired causes include heavy weightlifting, cigarette smoking, food in the Western diet, and hypertension.

This question has implications for follow-up of both you and your family members. If the disease is due to a bicuspid valve, then the aortic root procedure is curative, but an evaluation of your siblings and children is indicated. If you have a connective tissue disorder, then follow-up with our genetic testing center may be indicated. If you had an aortic dissection, lifelong follow-up is necessary to evaluate the remaining portion of your aorta. If your problem arose from lifestyle such as smoking, poor diet, or type A personality, then some modifications will be advised.

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